Please Note...I am caught between the narcissism of photography/photographers and the need to promote my branding of website, personality, and the style of imagery I create. This is my way of deflecting the narcissism of photography.

I like ice cream.

I ate a lot of ice cream through photo school in Santa Barbara. When I was a senior photographer with an aerospace Corporation I was too busy doing the expected daily photography, then scheduling and shooting the good stuff for corporate publications; “face of the company”  as it were, to eat much ice cream.

The longer I stayed in The Corporation the more proficient I became and the more ice cream I had time to eat. I noticed that all the ice cream began to taste the same! The grass got greener and greener on the other side and I got more and more anxious to be on my own. And then I was.

For a few years I contracted as a medical photographer shooting open heart surgeries and joint replacements and general hospital functions. Surgeries were always interesting, particularly being on the outside looking in. Sometimes while editing, the images gave me pause. I didn’t want to eat much ice cream then.

The Corporation had been good to me. I had equipment, honed skills, and some money saved. I was mildly successful on my own. Heck, one year I even managed to recoup my corporate salary. But there were days when I had nothing to do but eat ice cream…those were some lean times. The children were getting tired of it.

Around the time I began to wonder about being self-employed I received an offer to move back into the Corporation and photograph satellites from build, through testing, and launch. Are you kidding me! How cool was that! It’s really difficult to eat ice cream in a clean room, in a bunny suit with a mask on. The first launch melted my ice cream and nearly my face…had to turn the camera in for a thorough cleaning.

After a few years the financial guys determined that since we really were engaged in rocket science the company could not afford professional images. Small point and shoot cameras were distributed to the programs and I was distributed to the street. Lots of time for ice cream now.

After 30 years of shooting for others I decided to shoot for myself. Landscapes and wildlife, out in the fresh air, seeing things I had previously seen only on NatGeo. And in less than thirty years I have gotten very proficient at that also.

I would love to help you solve your imaging problems.

Contact me at: wlax30@gmail.com  or  602.679.0119

I'm still lovin  ice cream.


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